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Bridesmaids Flower Baskets Elegant Bridesmaids Flower Baskets in white Roses embellished with green fern leaves. A dark blue ribbon and bows decorates the handle.

Bridesmaids Flower Basket A pretty bridesmaids flower basket made of peach and coral roses with a pink ribbon around the handle and a pink bow at each base of the handle.

Bridesmaid Flower Basket A stunning Bridesmaid’s flower basket made of burnt orange Freesia and Fern foliage.

Bridesmaid Flower Baskets A pretty bridesmaids  flower basket which is suitable for little hands. The basket contains beautiful fresh red roses, which give a splash of colour to the design. The base of the handle is decorated with pretty ribbons and artificial pearls.

Flower Girl’s hand basket with White Freesia

Flower Girl’s flower basket in purple freesia

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